Saturday, March 8, 2014

Terror Is the New Bermuda Triangle

The loss of the Malaysian 777 is tragic and our hearts go out to the families who most likely have lost loved ones. Little facts as to what happened are clear, only that jets do not fall out of the skies normally. A poetic reaction to reports that two passengers were traveling on stolen passports.

Terror Is the New Bermuda Triangle?
Why a Malaysian 777 would disappear off radar is a great mystery?
Last time I looked there is no Bermuda Triangle in the South China Sea
Jets like a Boeing 777 just don’t disappear
Terrorist rumblings are now just starting to appear
The disappearance is almost like the fog of war
Mists of unknowns, uncertainty and questions soar
Early news is that two of the passengers were not who they claimed to be
May never know who as fish and crabs are hungry in the South China Sea
But traveling under two stolen passports should raise great alarm
Likely case of two suicide bombers seeking to cause great harm?
In dealing with problems in Syria, Iran, and Pakistan, China has been somewhat remiss
But if a terrorist attack, wrong target; this time, China will be thoroughly pissed
Knocking a flight to Beijing out of the sky is not a bright terrorist move
Any hesitation for China to join the war on terror you have just removed
All of us should and do mourn the loss of the innocents on that plane
But in a silver lining maybe, this loss Putin’s acts of aggression may restrain
Russia on its southern border is surrounded Chechnya and by Islamic “stans”
Fertile ground for the jihadists to remove the Russian infidels from lost lands
Putin, join with the U.S., China and the rest of the civilized world in a crusade to try to rid
Jihadists, who, under the cloak of Islam, kill, without remorse, innocent men, women, and kids.
©March 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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