Saturday, March 8, 2014

Benghazi Out Of Town Obama Repeat

Benghazi Out Of Town Obama Repeat
In politics and diplomacy words are 10 percent and the rest is media show
One would think this President would want clips of meeting with his generals as the crisis grows
Biden is an afterthought and his words are mostly gaffe
Good only in most cases to lift spirits with a good laugh
But Obama for all his faults is our Commander in Chief
Now is not the time for him from the "rigors" of his job to get some family time relief
Could you imagine in the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis JFK heading off to Hyannis Port?
With the world wondering on the eve a nuclear winter whether humans' time on this planet would be cut short
Or Bush on the eve of Desert Storm shutting down his office and heading for Maine?
Or Truman at the outbreak of the Korean War, heading back to Missouri to work on his piano refrains?
Russia has seized the Crimea, what European country or portion will he next seek to reclaim
With the threat of response by NATO or the U.S. completely tamed?
No wonder Putin is not worried, no wonder he knows the Crimea is his to keep
No wonder he views the U.S. under Obama as a bunch of sheep
It is Ground Hog Day all over again typical  Benghazi style
Crisis? Time to put on the fund raising or vacation Air Force One miles.
Maybe in the Florida Keys if Russian moves again, he will not be able to make another warning speech
Feckless, not backed by action, not deterring, only emboldening Putin to send more troops into another breach. 

© March 7, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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