Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Hour For Obama And DNC Not In the Crimea

      The events in Ukraine are moving at a fast clip and we in the Crimea do not have a lot of reporter boots on the ground. It would appear that Russian troops, however disguised, have been airlifted into the Crimea; airports in the Crimea have been seized facilitating speedy increase of the forces already there; Ukrainian air space has been violated and 150,000 Russian troops are conducting war game exercises on the border.
      What does our Commander in Chief do in response to the crisis? After nine days of silence as the tensions between Ukraine and Russia increase, he appears, gives a short speech warning Russia that there will be costs if Ukrainian territory is compromised and then pivots without questions and leaves. Obviously, in hurry to confer with his military, foreign policy and economic advisers to craft the appropriate sanctions and foundations for military moves? Right? Right? Please Mr. Carny say that's where in a moment of crisis our Commander in Chief went.
       Wrong. It is Happy Hour and our Commander in Chief went to a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee. It is like the movie Ground Hog Day, not the Benghazi leaving town for a fund raiser in San Francisco as 4 Americans died, but for want of a better term, the Crimea Sequel. Seems like there is a skewing of priorities of the President. Silver lining is we did not have to foot the bill for Air Force One.  When is it time for our President to act like a true Commander in Chief while we still have a military left?   
Happy Hour Not In Crimea 
K.T. is right; Obama is not leading from the fore or from the aft
Worse, our allies watch and tremble, our foes can only laugh
When it comes to potential armed conflict, rhetoric is his weapon of choice
Viewed as deadly force when coupled with pauses and gestures boosted by teleprompter voice
No matter how well delivered, rhetoric in an Obama eyes to the camera speech
Will not slow down for even seconds companies of T-90's pouring through a breach
What our "Commander In Chief" does not seem to realize
That words are not bullets and wasted against invasions that materialize
Our military has been worn down by years of constant duty tours
In a courageous effort and sacrifice to our safety from terror insure
At a time when victories won with blood, limbs and filled body bags
Are thrown away in Iraq and defense spending growth now lags
With Afghanistan gains soon to be lost quicker than puddles on a hot summer day
I doubt in any of our military is prepared to once again go to a new theater of harm's way
Leaders lead not by words, gestures, pauses or periods but rather by their deeds
Lied to again and again on the ACA, who among us will listen to his costs his urgings even heed?
Putin knows the answer and Obama if his ego would not the mirror completely fog
Getting deceived citizens to follow will be a very tough slog
But K.T. is an optimist and sees a country by 2020 from energy imports weaned
Driving down oil prices and sucking from Putin his growing ruble stream
Slight problem to get to the promised land, we have to prevail in 2016
Ere four more years of Hillary and continuation of War on Fossils scene
Unless the media over Hillary lessen their pandering sycophantic fawn
She will win and we will never see the energy-driven American Renaissance dawn
© March 1, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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