Thursday, March 6, 2014

Food Fights At The Issa Cummings Corral

      If you have the facts, argue the facts. If you have the law, argue the law, If you have no facts and no law, yell and scream and pound on the table--Trial Law 101. Trial Law 101A: Make sure TV cameras are present and with outrage and deep sense of wounds, accuse everyone who opposed you and everyone who did not oppose but also did not support a racist.  In a nutshell the Blue strategy for dodging the IRS's attempt to muzzle conservative political action groups, especially when Issa's perhaps procedural error enabled the Blues to pull out Trial 101A.
       Have to hand it to the Blues, their control of political theater is without equal. Instead of media focus about why Lerner refuses to testify on the IRS scandal and how chilling to our democracy the scandal represents, the media could and did focus on the Cummings outrage over the hearing being adjourned before he could rant about how the Reds were unfairly targeting the IRS. Sad day for the democratic process.
Food Fights at the Issa Cummings Corral  
Lerner certainly has a right to take the 5th and refuse to testify
Whether she knows she’s guilty or White House involvement not wishing to imply
Maybe there were false impressions and expectations she would comply
But the Cummings and Issa “food fight” is something we should all decry
Issa’s move whether procedurally correct or not was a mistake
All he had to do was take a vote and we’d be blowing out the candles of the TV camera cake
So instead of focus on IRS acts which should cause the hairs of every citizen to rise on the back of their necks
The chilling result of using the IRS to stifle criticism of a White House and Blue and on democracy reflect
The media gets the sound bites of an outraged, wronged Cummings working on a histrionic stroke
The head of the DNC in comparing it to Venezuela and Ukraine in ways that make us gag and choke
While all the while the email trails of IRS suppression and repression are crying out to be read
The DOJ’s bogus "investigation" on the IRS not moving a witness ahead
Instead of consideration of immunity to get Lerner to come clean
And a flurry of subpoenas on the IRS officials to immediately be seen
No outrage over Issa’s perhaps poor graces rules supreme
And the web of deception woven over the truth for another day impossible to wean.
It is perhaps too much to ask and Lerner’s involvement has been exposed
But if her conscience has any rumblings, is in any throes
Time for her to become a Patriot, even to be shunned by Blues as a pigeon
Admit to the American public there is much more than a smidgen
Some of us still believe that in the hearts of most Americans the desire to do right resides
Let the Obama chips fall where they may, he’s toast on his lame duck ride
But the rest of us could put this behind, a chance to heal our divide
Red versus Blue in the Congress to start to subside.
Anything to not be exposed to the DNC chair’s inane and inflammatory remarks
Debbie, hate to say it, but cutting off a mike is not like Ukrainian police shooting people in a park.

© March 6, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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