Friday, March 21, 2014

Starbucks--Coffee, Tea or Ale

Starbucks-Coffee, Tea or Ale
When it comes to marketing, Starbucks is without doubt without equal
Who would have guessed that dark dingy first location would ever have a sequel?
Who would have guessed with higher prices and refills another charge,
That it would grow to many locations with a P/E obscenely large?
Now to squeeze out more sales, more locations to offer beer and wine
The new 24/7 offices you ever need to leave save until computer off, it's bedtime 
Somehow the idea of happy hour mixed with coffee and moms with soccer kids
Is something most party lovers in search of bars or taverns would forbid
Hard to imagine a beer after quitting work without Buffalo Wings and  sports on a flat panel HD
Or with the aroma of coffee and glow of  lap top screen, sipping wine and spreading brie
At least if you believe in the myth of coffee to sober up to be able to drive
Coffee is right there for the asking and the checkpoint gauntlet you might survive
One wonders when the betas expand to growlers to take out
Or early morning blood Marys to get the hangover shakes out
Colorado may also be a special place for beer, wine and Buckshigh
Calming down from a day of stress, watching the 24/7s rushing by.
Only one more idea, just one more thing
Knowing Starbucks, it has to be in the waiting wings
Hope Starbucks has the StarLite Girls with coffee brown eyes and hair
Clearly these will be Starbucks destinations when one has time with friends to share 
© March 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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