Monday, March 10, 2014

De Blasio Axes Harlem Charter School Tree Of Success

      Mayor De Blasio is a pawn of the public school teachers' unions in New York City.  Charter schools in NYC like any place else in this country are the proverbial kiss of death to those unions; they succeed and public schools in too many cases do not. New York leads the nation in money spent on public schools and ranks in the bottom twenty, not a great return on taxpayer dollars. Harlem Success Academy is a charter middle school in Harlem in which a student in the 5th grade who is not performing at or above grade is about as rare as a snowstorm in July in Death Valley, California or a non muggy, humid day in NYC in August. The school, which is an unqualified success and should be the model for each and every one of the public schools in NYC, due to De Blasio's inane attack on charter schools is losing its location and may not reopen in the fall, abandoning over 200 minority kids to the failure of the public school system.
      Adults are probably smart enough to endure the idiocy of a Sandinista supporter who has never worked in the private sector in his whole life who was able to become Mayor of New York City and among other targets launch a war on conservatives, but kids may not have such skills. Dunce Cap for this Mayor and for his public teachers unions.
A Tree May Grow In Brooklyn But The Tree Of Harlem Success Academy Will Not
I do not know what hat size the progressive Mayor De Blasio wears
Or the number of students in the Big Apple web of failure ensnared
Why a man of intelligence charter schools in the Big Apple would oppose
Seeing the failures of minorities in public schools, the beginning of a lifetime of woes?
It would be so easy to vent and demand with Dunce Cap and in the corner he sit
For when it comes to knowing how to educate children he knows not a wit
For if he had a smidgeon of smarts his charter school assault he would quit
Why increase the number of failed kids, ignored, left behind too soon to forget
There has to be another explanation, a benefit of the doubt, something in this puzzle more
Why when a charter school succeeds would the Mayor, revoke its space, close its doors
All of us want to believe our politicians, when it comes to educating all of our kids,
Want to give them the best education for roadblocks to success to for all diminish or rid
In De Blasio’s case the exception must be made; we need to follow his money trail
Obvious why he fights charter schools and cheers the charter schools that fail
Follow the money, follow the contributed teacher union dues to his elections always support
So simple to know, no matter the failings, his loyalty to the union will come up A+ on his report
If one were sinister and a cynic the explanation is more than just his campaign greed
All those dropouts of color forgotten and dumped will be a never-ending source of government need
What a waste, young minds the charter schools nourish and enable them to succeed
A charter school Harlem Success Academy which is almost completely brown and black
Educates its students in ways the union bloated public schools completely lack
But in his crusade to close charter schools as a misguided to the union payback
He is condemning the youth of Harlem to the no chance poverty track
Unions should come a distant last place and educating children should come first
Way ahead of this Progressive politician’s need for higher office thirst
De Blasio represents a plantation mentality at its very worst that is beyond the moral pale
To condemn children to schools despite overflowing coffers where the students are doomed to fail
If minorities drop out or “graduate” from public schools unable to write, compute or read
With not a chance, not one, to have means in this high-tech world to succeed
Unable to think or question why for Blues like De Blasio they continue to vote
Taken for granted by the Progressives, the achievement of the American Dream too remote.
© March 10, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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