Sunday, March 16, 2014

Top of the Tolerance on St. Patrick's Day Parade

         The news that Guinness was withdrawing its sponsorship of the annual New York City St. Patrick's Day must come as somewhat of a surprise. It is hard to fathom a St. Patrick's Day without copious amounts of Guinness even if diluted in the Black and Tan mode. Sign of the times and this poet believes a good sign of the times. I am proud of my Scot/Irish heritage and although straight with four children now all adults, I cannot support banning a group from marching because they may be gay or lesbian. Well maybe if by continuing the ban, we are spared seeing the new "Progressive" mayor of the Big Apple who in a politically correct move announced that he would not march because of the ban.
         Erin Go Bragh; maybe next year the dogs of tolerance will open much wider and this nonsense of discrimination banning a group from marching and displaying their Irish pride will end. If we are lucky De Blasio's ratings will be falling so fast, he might decide that quitting would be the better course of valor before he chases all the job creators out of the city. 

Top of the Tolerance on St. Patrick's Day Parade
It is a sign of the times that shows tolerance in this nation continues to increase
Guinness, the nectar of the Irish Gods, has decided its Parade sponsorship will cease.
Never understood why a man or woman of the sod because he or she may be gay
Somehow is stripped of his or her heritage and may not march on St. Patrick’s Day
Even in the time of the Troubles with English Lion gunning down civilians in the streets of Belfast
Some one of English ancestry could pin on a shamrock and derby and march unhassled past
Not too many years ago, Dogs and Irish in saloons could not be served
Why is a ban on gay Irish marching something that the organizers want to preserve?
If as this poet believes the Irish monks saved Civilization from the Ages Dark
No reason one’s sexual preference should ban one from the marching on 5th Ave and next to Central Park
There is only one reason, somewhat of a stretch,  to continue this idiotic ban, and it is just one
De Blasio, a mayor waging war on charter schools,  the parade so banning he will shun
As a major, mired in payback to the teacher’s union and waging a anti-carriage war
He is a disgrace to this fine city; we need less of him to swagger and not more.
© March 17, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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