Saturday, April 26, 2014

Phoenix VA Cooks Books For Juda Bonus As 40 Vets Die

To Survive Combat Only To Die Waiting Months To See MD
The Vietnam War marked the beginning of the chopper Medevac
One moment bleeding from a wound, the next in surgery with a great chance of coming back
Each war or conflict thereafter it became easier and easier to survive a wound
A bullet, grenade, bomb or mine did not spell a soldier’s mortal doom
Body armor, Kevlar helmets, chariots of steel
Our soldiers had a better chance from any wound to heal
The mental wounds unseen may still be the bombs that tick
In a rush of imagined danger, forces to blow out one’s own wick
After the parades, after the too many combat days
A new danger for a vet comes into a deadly play
To survive the dice of combat only to face the killing grounds of the VA
What foes and wounds could not do, a new bureaucracy now slays
Phoenix may be the tip of the iceberg or a one shot deal
But 40 Vets dying, waiting for a GP seems unreal
Escape the combat that wishes to maim and kill
Only to die waiting to see a GP is a swallowing bitter pill.
Worse, while Vets were dying waiting for even the most basic of  care
Administrators were collecting bonus payments for waiting times they falsely pared
Now the winds of whistle blowers blow quite shrill
Cooking the appointment books on the we deserve a bonus grill
If  Director Sharon Hellman cooked the appointment books for Judas money of nine grand
She without delay should be indicted and pending a trial immediately  canned
We as a nation cannot expect men and women to put lives and limbs on the line
When surviving tours of combat, home again, to be ignored, treated like swine
Any death which might have been prevented is a tragedy to its very core
A slight reed of hope is that Blues and Reds together will rise up in joined angry roar
And the Commander in Chief one would only hope and pray
That he would be on board to special counsel appointed without delay
Ms. Hellman if you are guilty on your bonus I would hope you gag and choke
Off to prison, your six figure salary ignoring vets will be soon revoked

©  April 26, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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