Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Filling Korean Davey Jones Locker When The Captain Abandons Ship

Filling Korean Davey Jones Locker When The Captain Abandons Ship

Every since men went down to the sea first in rafts or on logs
To brave the currents, winds, waves, reefs and fog
One rule has never over seamen weakened its grip
In time of disaster, a captain is last to leave and may go down with his ship
The news from South Korea is so tragic; it makes you want to wail and cry
So many young students en route to a resort isle never made it and had to die
But what should cause a parent’s blood to begin to  boil
As more bodies from the capsized ferry raises the death toll
Are photos of the captain and some of the ferry’s crew being the first to from the ferry flee
Safety for them, but for the students, death by drowning, trapped by the freezing seas
The Koreans moved quickly and the captain was quickly put under arrest
"Akin to murder," the President of South  Korea put it best
We will learn soon what if anything the ferry hit and why she was on this course
But we may never know why the rule of the sea the captain chose not to enforce
The students are gone; no amount of punishment will bring them to their parents back
But tides of justice when the captain leaves must be pursued, must never go slack.
Off into the future on different waters, winds and tides
When disaster strikes from responsibility a captain will not seek to hide.
© April 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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