Saturday, April 26, 2014

$100 Million For Obama Library Pulled Back

$100 Million For Obama Library Pulled Back
The old adage is that Chicago Democrats win by voting early and often still rules
But now it surfaces again in a $100 million to Obama Library, acts by a bunch of dishonest fools
All Presidents deserve a library for their papers to store and Obama so deserves
After all, regardless of how he is viewed there will be some history to preserve
But for Illinois in a Blue procedural skip town voting scam without one Red to object
Sadly, upon this Presidency its ethics or lack thereof does reflect
But caught in the open even the most rabid Blue had to withdraw
$100 million taken back, for even in Chicago there is a trace of a nation of laws.
One would hope that in the Library after all these years
There will be a transparency wing of Fast and Furious tears
Next to the Lerner alcove where the IRS
Was blatantly called in to Tea Party supporters suppress
The Sand Box where children could draw red lines in the sand,
While parents wept over the loss of our foreign stature once proud, mighty and grand
Or out of the sand,  sing a song of Hickory Dickory Dock
As the debt mouse scampered up the $20 trillion clock
The Sebelius Lab of Horrors where inept bureaucrats from computer Stone Age
Tried to push a web site only to force us to pen and pencil to the written page
In honor to the Hollywood elite who stood by him to the very end
A trophy case not of Oscars, but Pinocchios for the truth he had to bend
Lastly, the Purple Dye Room where an Imperial President all adherence to a Constitution shed
While the fawning media, Reid, and Pelosi cheered the Imperial Presidency he led
This would be a library design worthy of the ages to visit and to there mourn
Eight years of failed promises, fawning media hype and American prestige shorn
© April 26, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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