Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where Have All The Poets Gone

Our news is delivered in clipped prose by media biased to the core with teleprompters that make them appear brilliant and commented upon by the talking heads, interrupting and talking over each other. This Alaskanpoet is going to review the Charles Osgood tradition and bring back the commentary the way it must have been done thousands of years ago, when events were recorded and brought back to life by muses. I will still tweet daily with the new art form in a 24/7 world---a 140 character byte poem on an event of the day. Hope you enjoy

Madison Warriors
The Kerner Report mourned about two nations, one black, one white.
It is now crystal clear that it was only partially right
It is time for us once again to mourn
For another two nations are being born
A public sector entrenched with huge union coffers to spend
To elect those who will insure their bloated benefits do not end
Madison is one of the first shots from a modern day Concord
Where rational discourse has been put to the union sword
It is almost like Stalin's order of "not one more step back"
Not a penny shed of the benefits most in the private sector lack
Images of the statehouse halls with throngs demanding any cut's defeat
If more beards and farsi signs, likeness to an embassy seized would be complete
A President who but weeks ago at a tragic service in Tucson
Seemed a unifying force to shed the hate and for healing to move on
With a deficit growing by billions each and every week
Blames the Badger Reds for the deficit relief they try to seek
The Blue leaders in a bus flee across state lines to hide
Heads in the sand, maybe Madison's red ink by magic will subside
Make no mistake, no matter what the media spin
Madison is the first battle of a war we taxpayers must win.
We have already seen a seizure of government in reverse
Flee the state and you eliminate the power to mend the purse
Look for the Union Label—lyrics of a pro union tune
Now worn by elected Blues, as we dance our way to ruin
(c) 2011 Michael P Ridley aka the Alaskan Poet
haracter byte poem on an event of the day. Hope you enjoy

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