Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rhymes On The Newsworthy Times-Bin Laden Killed

The news we have been waiting for almost 10 years was received tonight. Not the size of VJ Day celebrations but the spontaneous scenes outside the White House brings tears to your heart. What a different night than that miserable night in the desert when Carter authorized a raid into Tehran to try to rescue our embassy personnel which attempt ended in disaster and loss of American lives. God bless those brave men of our special ops. If I were Ayman I would be on the move, for he is next.

You Cannot Run, You Cannot Hide

At long last, chalk one up to the good guys
After 10 years it was Bin Laden's day to die
Many more details are yet to be revealed
Rangers, special forces, Deltas and Navy Seals
Waves of joyous people with flags coming into the street
On this day the dark forces of terror go down to defeat
The rest of Al Qada will not lay down their arms
Many still will succumb to a now "martyr's" seductive charms
The jury is still out with respect to Pakistan's aide
God bless those brave soldiers who undertook this raid
To Ayman open this message, it should be quickly read
There is no safe haven for killers, you will soon be dead
Obama had it correct, he had it exactly right
Muslims are not our are enemies, not dark forces of the night
Al Qada is no more Islam than is the Pope
Only Koran corrupted gutted of its message of hope
One Nation, one God under the Star, Crescent and Cross
Tonight we thank Him for Al Qada's loss
(c) May 2, 2011 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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