Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rhymes On The Newsworthy Times True Lies II

The announcement by Maria and Arnie of separating after a marriage of 25 years was a bombshell; but the news today of the existence of a ten year old he fathered with a member of their household staff was like an abomb. It is not for poets sermonize only to herald the events of note as we trudge along our path of destiny to inspire, outrage, bring laughter or sadness or whatever human emotion is then touched by poetry. None of us men are without fault, but those of us who are not athletes, politicians or movie stars sphere of influence and role modeling is quite small. Maria and her four children deserve prayers and the fifth child also whose affection of a father will miss.
The news on Arnie today is more than sad
We find he is also a "love child" dad
Are there any left among us who can restrain
The urgings and needs of our little brain?
What seemed to be a shock completely out of the blue
Now seems clear like the dropping of the other shoe
Like the CIA agent with unknowing wife in True Lies
While governor the people were spared from this surprise
A politician's personal life is supposedly not the voters' concern
No matter what sense of morality and ethics they chose to spurn
He ran in 2003 as a father of four with a loving wife at his side
Now we know a child of two, existence pushed aside
We know not whether the child knows his father exists
Or understands why the lure of office is too hard to resist
Only spare me the sequel of True Lies with this sordid deed
And the ego of office that is too powerful a seed
Hearts go out to Maria and her children four
All wondering "were we not enough why did you need more?"

Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
May 17, 2011

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