Wednesday, May 18, 2011

rhymes on the newsworthy times imported farmed fish

Alaska is my spiritual and iambic home where I grew up before it was a state in fishing village Petersburg where I was lucky enough to have a divorced father who lived there for 50 years, a pioneer, and who invited me back as a teenager at age 16 to fish on a salmon seiner which I did for 6 summers. With those earnings I was able to pay my way through Stanford and most of Yale Law School. Alaska rightfully so althought it has many hatcheries releasing millions of salmon each year into the wild, and in the process depriving many a bear of another meal and a male his only fling in life before he rots and dies, constituionally outlaws farmed raised fish. The news on the FDAt not testing for hormones, antibiotics and pesticides and all manner of deadly toxins in imported farmed raised fish is very troubling. How can we buy from a nation for example that sends our infants toys laden with lead. This was prompted:

My comments try to be unbiased and with iambic, a different way to air
An Alaskan perspective growing up in fishing village I wish to share
Fishing in Alaska, like Maine, New England or the Gulf in waters sometime unforgiving
Is a way of life to be preserved, not just another way to earn a living
A farmed salmon dyed red compared to a king or sockeye grilled with seasoned baste
Is like eating with a head cold or swollen tongue there is nothing to savor or taste
It was bad enough the FDA was considering to alter farmed raised salmon genes
The news today makes you believe imported farmed raised fish is a new Soylent Green
Eking out a living with poverty pounding at your door without rest
Safety rules in the way our Asian fish farmers could care less
Pesticides, hormones, and God knows what in our imported farmed fish
Not what should be on our table no matter how cooked as a healthy dish
If you want to see quality go to Alaska and see the seiners, gillnetters and trollers unload
Packed in ice, or in seawater chill, freshness is the only code
Or go to the Ore House at the mouth of the Gastineau
Partake of the salmon grilled and feel the taste buds flow
Then pile into the streets and on the internet raise the alarm
If FDA will not test, ban imported fish from foreign farms
Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
(c) May 18, 2011

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