Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How Many Shots in a Glock?

The tragedy of 20 elementatary Connecticut children have shaken us to the bone. But the proposals from Obama are completely off the point. Guns do not kill people, people with guns kill people and mentally ill people with guns go to the head of line in terms of the killing. The First Amendment will not prevent the violent culture and killing games, but maybe some dollars to the parents to see the issues and defuse. I support the Second Amendment whick is not just for the Hollywood Stars or the Michael Bloombergs of the world but for all of us.  Most of us are not trained killers and in stress could probably not hit a barn. 7 OR TEN MAY NOT BE ENOUGH TO DEFEND
In all my years I have never shot at a human seeking harm
Maybe because Alaskans with threats could always disarm
If charged by a Grizzly even if every shot hit
You were likely to be clawed and bit
Always a 12 guage and a multi shot magnum big bore
To kill the bear seeking your throat to be closed with gore
When the rapist is crashing through the windows with blood lust
And the police are way away who can your safely trust
Only a gun but the adrenaline makes you miss and shake
You need, a big magazine as much as the gun will take
Bloomberg on guns like sodas is a complete and total twit
Surrounded by safety of guns he obviously permits
While a women shooting but shaking like a leaf
Out at seven misses and screaming for the police relief
Bloomberg you are a mayor and  a major hypocrite
Worse on the second amendment a more than major piece of shit
Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskan Poet © 1/29/2013

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