Monday, January 28, 2013

Rubio and the Gang of Eight

While Obama dithers with gun control or digs his head into the sand deeper each day with the spending crisis facing this country and Iran and North Korea rush headlong into building and delivering nuclear weapons and last but not least the banana republic dictator of the Senate who continues to hold himself above the law, finally a group of Senators lead by Mark Rubio are listening to their oath and in a bipartisan way trying to solve the issue of immigration

Maybe our leaders finally realize the horse has left the barn
Deportation efforts of noncriminals bring us less good and only harm
After the border against cartel and felons is secure
It is time to spend the money to the problem really cure
Retain Spanish but it is time to assimilate
One flag, one language and common traditions to relate
Great waves of immigration we have always endured
Millions seeking with their feet poverty a chance to cure
Anyone not carrying a gun or drugs across a river or desert sands
Working to support a family, learning English should stay in this land
In the marketplace of ideas no one should fear
That somehow with a Latino tide the Reds will disappear
Save the felons and cartel, everyone else has a moral hardworking trait
Hopefully the Gang of Eight will help us solve this debate.
             Michael  P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
                                     (c) 1/28/2013

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