Saturday, January 26, 2013

Korean Nuclear Test
A civilized world needs to say not one more especially when fanatics are pounding on the entrance door. Continuation of Iran and Korea's nuclear drive is an act of war for which regime should survive. Sanctions will not work, only a nuclear line drawn in the sand detonated if they do not follow our demands.

The genie was let out of the bottle in 45
Many thought the human race would never survive
Somehow the genies sought out those who were somewhat sane
U.K, Russia, and France eager to defend but escape the nuclear rain
India and China but all avoided the MADly dance
Now Pakistan awash in jihadist seas
Somehow we have avoided the nuclear winter to humanity seize
We now have Iran almost there and the sickest of the sick
North Korea ready to test its misguided nuclear stick
Sanctions have not and will not on  Korea or Iran ever work
Not when their leaders lack a sense of decency or are mentally beserk
Seals would be too hard but B-2s or Tridents not
Time to remove from Korea and Iran this insane rot

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