Sunday, July 17, 2011

Amend the Constitution

The ongoing debate or lack of meaningful discussion thereof on the debt ceiling and the deficit has gone on for months in an atmosphere almost surreal as we move closer and closer to default and a debt the cost of servicing of which will consume most if not all of our discretionary budget. Obama seems interested in playing the old Chicago hardball game, threatening to withhold Social Security checks and railing against the corporate jets and oil companies. The Blues and Reds in House and Senate are not without blame either. This muse is convinced that we will never curb spending as long as we have the ability to borrow and live beyond our means, regardless of who is in power. Unlike the states even California to one's great surprise, cities, counties, boroughs, and families who must balance their budgets and make hard priority decisions, Washington appears to be incapable of doing that. My suggestion follows; hope the Blues in the Senate have the courage to join the House in passing a Constitutional Amendment in a veto proof fashion.

Amend the Constitution
There is a solution to the deficit that has just about the same or less chance
Of a Don Quixote spearing a windmill with his tattered and rusty lance
The message loud and clear we have again and again heard
Somehow, someway it is the growth of spending we must curb
Expecting Reds and Blues to curb spending is like pouring from a bottle an alcoholic a drink
Then after he has finished, expect him to pour the rest of the bottle down the sink
It will not happen as long as the recipients of spending marshal their forces or PACS
Not a chance in hell spending in any meaningful manner will be cut back
We need a constitutional amendment that we cannot spend more than in taxes we make
Coupled with a limit in terms of GDP on what the tax man may from us take
It may be a hope forlorn with the Senate in the control of the Blues and Obama with a veto pen
But if we do not follow this path and soon, the debt ceiling will have to be raised again and again!
Until interest eats up all our revenue in the taxing vault
And this country pulls a Greece and goes into default
© July 17, 2011 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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