Saturday, July 30, 2011


i do not know about you, but this muse is disgusted over the inability of Congress to reach a resolution of the debt ceiling crisis as is even more disgusted over the inability of the Senate to even rationally discuss a Constitutional Amendment to control spending and balance the budget. Senator Boxer's position is consistent with her idealoge nature but Senator Feinstein where is the rational thought that makes reds like me vote for you. Are there no Blues in the Senate with courage to address this problem. Mr. President can you rise above your need to be reelected
As this nation approaches its fiscal debt ceiling brink
Nation is in total suspense as to which side will blink
A constitutional amendment to balance budgets is a forlorn hope
Not with Reid’s Senate attaching its hangman’s rope
Even if a few Blue Dogs put country ahead of Reid
Too long before we would get the fiscal restraint saplings from the seeds
Reid/Boehner are both in terms of solving the deficit a joke
Phantom cuts in spending; we will still be under a crushing debt ceiling yoke
Obama speaks of compromise but look beyond his words
He will do anything to have his reelection assured.
He faces the strikes of unemployment, Obamacare and gas through the roof
A perception that Washington does not care and he is way too aloof
He cannot add another strike of deficit ceiling and expect to win
But now time to put election aside and terminate the spin
If he refuses then the Reds extend more and take the high road
Making sure when the fall arrives the public knows it has been snowed.
© July 29, 2011 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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