Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kindergarten Follies

we have had to endure another weekend of dashed hopes and dreams as our leaders in the Congress and White House have apparently failed to come to an agreement over the debt ceiling and deficit reduction. I suspect that most if not all of us have had it. It is bad enough Space Americana has been ceded to the Chinese as the Shuttle Program with the last flight of Atlantis has faded into the sunset. we now face the end of Dollar Americana as we approach the potential of default on our obligations. Pax Americana is not far behind as Obama is doing everything in his power to extract U.S. military from Iraq and Afghanistan. Pray for maturity on both sides and pray for it now.

Kindergarten Follies
The weekend has evidently come to an end without a deficit deal
The rancor and bickering leaving scars that may never heal
Never have I seen such partisan stress
Children in kindergarten throwing names with little success
One can argue about loopholes and corporate jets
Class cards that allow us to the major issues forget
We have gone on a spending binge
The fragile recovery soon to unhinge
Maybe it is the voters' fault
But we can not elect guardians of our nation's vault
Or worse regardless of their goals, the office quickly corrupts
Never ending fires to find election money in state of constant erupt
What was a sense of service has evolved to a well paid career
Human nature, our Blues and Reds will do anything to keep their benefits held dear
If our leaders we fundementally cannot trust
To live within our means as the budget they bust
Then we must our Constitution amend as we will not destroy the printing press
Spending caps and revenue caps to the urge to spend and tax suppress
Let the states decide but a Reid stands like the French at Verdun
It will not pass, we must keep any sense of fiscal sanity on the run
So little time, the egg shells spread in pieces too many to count
Our financial problems are not getting better and continue to mount
Put them back in the room, let the cameras roll
Stop their salaries, non stop meetings no matter the toll
Come to an agreement that no one totally likes
But in at least in a small way slowing the red ink to breach the dike
And send the amendment to the states
This muse fears the future for his kids that now awaits
(c) Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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