Friday, July 15, 2011

My Kingdom for a Budget

I am certain that most of us have lost all patience over the inability of Congress and the White House to come to a meeting of the minds to resolve the financial chaos that faces us. This Alaskan is a Red and is absolutely shocked almost to the point of being at loss to rhyme ( that takes a lot) over the President's performance. Other that shifting of blame he thus far appears so out of his league it is frightening. The government is like a Moose and the Cookie--feed him a tax increase and he will want more but my God with the President playing the greedy oil company card even though the dollars to the oil companies are miniscule, the Blues should have given in on that issue in exchange for the Obama administration granting licenses to drill. The more I watch this spectacle and the corruption of politicians over time to maintain and preserve their career, the more I am convinced, today's problems notwithstanding, that the Greeks with the idea of election by lot had the better idea. Hope you enjoy:

Shame on Blues, Obama and Reds

After weeks of drama the final act seems about to be played
After weeks of shouts, pouts and tempers frayed
Who knows what the outcome will be of discussions behind closed doors
Only we are getting closer to a nation’s insolvency shore
One of the most important issues to face this country in many years we must solve
Relegated to the appearances before the talking heads and the press to resolve
It looks like we may get only a debt ceiling raise
Reds, Obama, and Blues should be condemned not praised
Obama for being completely over his head
Too quick to play the class taxing card instead
And to discover the press conference to Reds berate
As the deficit monster grows larger and does not abate
The Blues for hiding their heads in the deficit sands
Unable to admit spending is completely out of hand
To have supported the trillion phantom shovels creating a few meager jobs
With a debt all generations' futures they have just robbed
And failing to come to grips of the burden of ObamaCare on those who hire
And why it's now impossible to add jobs but rather to status quo or worse to fire
To the Reds who had right and reason on their side
To let Obama deftly shift the tide
Corporate jets and oil company gifts
While the economy and jobs in downward drift
This should come as no shock
Ceiling raise notwithstanding, Moodys our credit rating should drop
The only way sanity of a fiscal sort can ever be obtained
So simple like to stay dry you come out of the rain
A balanced budget Constitutional amendment we must ratify
Any talk of spending cuts is merely talk and mostly blue sky

(c) July 15, 2011 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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