Wednesday, August 31, 2011

rhymes for the newsworth times a kastia curve

Whew, Irene with its deaths and flooding has now left and horrors Kastia is now there on deck to replace. Weathermen are talking about curving that may send Katia to the right away from our shores, good thing as more rain we cannot take. If you are going to talk baseball speak it right. A right hander's curve moves to the left and down but his screwball moves to the right and into the cold waters of the North Atlantic.
Irene has lost her punch and has been removed from the mound
Leaving billions lost and flooding water to abound
A reliever called Katia is on a slow stroll from the weather gods pen
Today only a question of where, no longer a question of when
The winds of Hell reach out to howl and to lash
Trees and buildings downed and to crash
The news is that she may "curve" off to the right
And die a slow death away from land on a September night
A curve and slider would break to the left and drop
Bringing death and destruction to swamped lands hard to stop
Time for the weathermen to with words refine
Trying to keep this storm on the proper line
Pray to the ghost of Hubbell and to the Big Blue memories of Fernando and Mike
That the weatherman can call the only pitch that we would all like
It's a screwball, dear writer and not a curve
Off into the Atlantic for the respite we now deserve
© August 31, 2011 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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