Friday, August 19, 2011

Rhymes on the Newsworthy Times Dream Act

Today, August 19, 2011, is World Humanitarian Day, hard to believe watching the slaughter of fellow species in Syria, Libya, or Afghanistan and Iraq. At list some glimmer of hope in that we celebrated the concept of humanity. Here at home some 300,000 illegals mostly young men and women who were brought here by their parents as small children, many of whom are in college or the military or in productive jobs face deportation. Congress turned down the Dream Act but today the Obama Administration ordered the review of all such cases as if the Dream Act were in effect which means that all but the felons may stay here. If we do not know the meaning of assimilate, all of us should look it up...securing our border and removing any significant portion of illegal aliens with roots here is a pipeline, even more so with an Administration that seems disconnected with the struggles of the American populace: My thoughts follow

Hummanitarian Dreams
Today is World Humanitarian Day
Time to reflect as passions join the fray
It becomes very difficult to deport
Young men and women dragged as children past the border fort
Especially those who have put their lives on the line
Dodging the bullets, IEDs and unexploded traps and mines
Or the college students seeking to enhance their lives
To deport back to countries most difficult in which to survive
This Administration with its jokes on alligators and moats
Lacks the will to secure the borders and turn away the boats
Unless Mexico gets its act together and starts producing more jobs than bodies and drugs
We will be swamped by those seeking to better, mixed in with the thieves and thugs
If we can assimilate under one flag, one language and one set of common ideals
It should be a goal to achieve, a worthy and productive real deal
But Congress is the only place to make that choice
Not a disconnected President loosing his right to be America's voice
© 2011 Michael P Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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