Friday, August 19, 2011

Rhymes on the Newsworthy Times Syrian Sorrows

World Humanitarian Day and in Syria they are again falling in the streets. Strong words, and more words from U.S. lips to somehow convince Assad to loosen his grip. We are lucky that tryants like this we would have to in our lives face. The only fear,we encourage to forces to arise, into the streets and then to their surprise we are not there, only words and all soon to demise. This guy is a killer, just like his father and he is not our friend. How about a cruise bouguet to hasten his end.

Syrian Nonhumanitarian Dreams

Another day of misery in Syria as 18 were shot
A tyrant who will not loosen his strangling knot
World Humanitarian Day and Assad seeks to kill
While the West in Libya no more patience, no more will
We cannot all be our brothers' keeper but how do you sit back
Innocents in the streets fodder for the snipers' gun to track
Words inspire, light the democracy fire, but end on a funeral pyre
Since we cannot add another front and get stuck in a killing mire
Obama finally speaks and the words are rugged, the words are tough
But Assad knows he lacks the spine, lacks the lasting stuff
So into the streets pushed by our words into the snipers' lines
Time to reflect on Pax America's grand design
As a world policemen we no longer have the wealth
But maybe on a world vote to remove, we can use the stealth
Assad is like J.K. Moody, it is time to go
Maybe a few seeds of democracy might sprout and grow
If and only if the world votes the same way to decide
Time to send in a B-2 and give this killer his final ride.

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