Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rhymes on the Newsworthy Times Obama Reading List

I have always known the President takes a vacation in August well-deserved, but never knew his reading list was observed. it is a tradition and we learn our President while chilling on the isle of the rich, brought only fiction to read. I read 2 books a week and would never complain on one's reading list, but in the times of chaos, I am surprised that the list was not full of books on economics and how to create jobs. Tragic, to see the "leader" of the world out of touch, out of reality, and forgive my bias hopefully serving only one term.

To Read At The Vineyard
We are slipping into a double dip recession
Jobless rates soon to near the depression
While the Big Blue parties on the isle of the rich
the rest of us slide into the jobless ditch
yet we learn of Big Blue's reading list only fiction
Nothing on how to cure our nation's spending addiction
enjoy your reading list Big Blue on the isle of the rich
As your connect with the rest of us continues to unhitch

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