Sunday, June 1, 2014

Angel of Death Released After 12 Years of "Treatment"

History has a bad habit of repeating itself when its lessons are not learned
The proof of that statement at least in Isla Vista is ripe to return
Days ago a troubled young man snapped in Isla Vista and killed six
Warning signs all over the internet this man was mentally sick
No treatment, no drugs shooting and stabbing until he took his own life
Collapsed mental health system yet the numbers of troubled men must be rife
13 years ago in Isla Vista a troubled young man in a Saab killed four
The Angel of Death crashed his car ere he would have killed more
Found not guilty by reason of insanity but sentenced to 60 years
After 12 years of treatment, David Attias was released but the reasons remain unclear
If there ever was a case for a GPS surgically implanted GPS for the criminally insane to be set free
This would be the case where anyone in a neighborhood near Attias would agree. 
After 12 years of treatment, he may be cured he may not 
But he must from an acting standpoint have learned a lot
One can only hope he is under drugs and he is posted on something like a Megan's list
Such one might know where he lurks if his violent urges continue to exist
Also it would be good if he is required to go into for mental exams
And maybe since he chose a car to into bodies slam
That he be prohibited like a felon who may not own a gun
With respect to cars the number allowed him should be none. 
© June 1, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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