Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Obama Fatigued And Dull In Early Winter His Administration?

Obama Fatigued And Dull
Obama needs to play even  more golf to spend more hours a day on the links
He cannot chip unto the green with a pen so no new regs to bring us to another job loss brink
Given his "periods", I suspect on his stroke count he probably cheats
Another reason no pen, only pencil and eraser to a avoid a scoring defeat
The more fatigued he might be, the less energy he will have to act
The less need for his lackey Holder to guard his back
Maybe like Carney, Holder will see the light
Fade away into the lucrative private practice night
Maybe his teleprompter is tired from too much use
His speeches no longer inspire, only a litany of excuse
He is no longer the darling of the media on whom to fawn
Gathered around, adoring him as the savior on the Rose Garden Lawn
But the more he withdraws and essentially on the domestic front gives up
The more the world views him as weak and feckless and trouble continues to erupt
If ever the Reds need to unite and energize and with the Indies a union form
It is now in this fall to take Senate control to rejumpstart the American Dream to see it reborn
Obama  still looks great in a tux so after a hard day on the links
Off to the balls, dinners and parties complete with the finest wines to drink
© June 3, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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