Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baxter the Dog, the Computer Wiz

      The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as its critics are prone to call it, has had a very difficult roll out to put it mildly. The President's credibility with the nation has suffered with a one two punch that has him on the ropes with falling ratings due in part to the difficulties encountered with the rollout but more importantly he either out of ignorance of the ACA's provisions or with full knowledge of his signature piece of legislation, deceived and mislead the American people on the issue of keeping their policies and their health care professionals and the costs that the ACA will entail.
       A third blow to the Presidential body is now starting to land, namely the fact that may not be secure from hackers who will be able to obtain a policy holder's or policy shopper's sensitive personal information. Add to those concerns the fact that the "navigators" engaged to assist persons seeking to come on to the site have not undergone any significant criminal background checks. The fourth blow which will land in the very near future is the real potential loss in the employee and small business health insurance market. The numbers of policy cancellations my run in the range to 50 to 100 million policy holders, a staggering amount to put it charitably.
      The news today that a resident of Colorado without any attempt on his part discovered that his healthy Yorki named Baxter is now covered under the ACA. In an attempt to help scale down the rhetoric, and bring some levity to an otherwise miserable mess, this poem came to me.  I only regret like all dogs even like the Maltese I once owned, Baxter cannot read but if he could I am sure his paws would be clapping

Baxter Registered for Obamacare
A dog is a man's best friend
A true and loyal friend to the very end
If you are wondering on this Christmas what gift should be for your dog
As the family and pet warm themselves around the Yule time log
Forget the Milk Bone or sweater for the cold winter air
No, Baxter like all dogs should be enrolled in Obamacare
It is somewhat funny, almost a joke
Though it takes our minds off the despair of cancelled policies yoke
Obama, his ego he needs to dial way, way back
Listen to the concerns of those well meaning attacks
Open a Clinton on Affirmative Action playbook page
He might even save his "legacy" and appear somewhat sage
"Don't end it
 Mend it"
At least the deductible be lowered for Baxter's treats
And lower prices for the collars for the fleas to defeat.
If somehow or someway poor Baxter in an oxymoron curse to many males has to be “fixed”
Make sure the policy calls for anesthetics and post op pain killers be applied very thick

© November 20, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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