Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The college football season is just about over and for schools in the Pac 12 especially Stanford the is the last year of the BCS mess as opposed to a 4 to 8 team playoff. Unfortunately the media infatuation with the SEC may well linger on. After reading some of the news on this weekend's games and the lack of any real attention to games in the PAC 12, this poem came to me. No gauntlet being thrown down at the loyal fans of the SEC but for the SEC to really walk on water, the graduation rates of the football players need to be increased---one of four failing to graduate is absolutely a disgrace.  The SEC should mandate that its coaches spend some time on The Farm to see how Stanford achieves a 93% graduation rate despite an obvious difficult and challenging academic program.

In Football, SEC  Rules, PAC 12 Drools But In All Sports PAC 12 Rules, SEC Drools

No mention of Stanford versus Notre Dame football game
Or whether the Wildcats will push the Devils back into the flames
SC/ UCLA has bearing only for City of Angels’ bragging rights
And whether an interim coach leads the Trojans in next year's PAC 12 fights
But Wildcats/Devils football  game winner a site will pick
Much easier for ASU in Tempe to pull off Cardinal upset trick
If only  sportscasters honored the fact that a college is primarily a place to learn
Not a farm club for the NFL to prepare students for short careers but high salaries to earn
SEC teams from Alabama, Auburn, MIZOU, A&M and LSU
Leaders on the field but in graduations a performance to rue
73, 70, 74, 74 and 74 hardly acceptable graduation scores
Stanford comes in 93 so its players hold keys to the executive doors
Though only 8 in football; if one were to count NCAA titles in all sports
Never, ever Stanford and the PAC 12 dismiss or coverage ignore or short
109, 104 and 98 are the NCAA titles in all sports of UCLA, Stanford and SC
Most of SEC not on top 20 list and the Cowboys and the Tigers far behind at 51 and 43
With a ranking in the BCS of 8 Stanford is what student athletes are supposed to be
Time for more coverage of the PAC 12 and less fawning over the NFL farm clubs in the SEC
Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 11/27/2013

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