Friday, November 15, 2013

Failed Presidency Failed Website ACA in Ruins

       For this American and poet these have been the sad days that in misery seem to blend. The death of reason burnt to a crisp by the flames of rhetoric during the shutdown and the closing of the memorials to the Veterans of WWII on perhaps their last march before taps. Now the sad facts that our President in his zeal to pass the Affordable Healthcare Act without a single Republican vote did not just shade the truth or omit salient facts and you can take this period to the bank,,,He lied period! No ifs ands or buts period!
    We are in the 46th day of a failed website which like failed green energy projects such as Solyndra have hundreds of millions of dollars wasted and down the drain. Like the complexities of Ptolemaic epicycles piling one up on the other to mask the truth that the Earth revolves around the  Sun not the reverse, a growing tech wave of experts suggest it may be best to scrap it and start over. While we are at it may finally be time for Obama, Pelosi and Reid to swallow their pride and arrogance and seek Red input on how to solve what is a growing problem of access to affordable health care. Do it not because it may avoid a slaughter of Blues in 2014 but because for the nation it is the right thing to do. Before going to the poem below a plea to the Reds if they sweep in 2014, no spikes, no victory dances and no political equivalent of the Treaty of Versailles on Obama and his Blues to impose. 
Failed Presidency Failed Website ACA in Ruins
Obama and his tech cronies are totally out of their league
Finally even the Blues are getting more excuses fatigue
The number of start-up online businesses grow each day
Some like Amazon and eBay so successful they take your breath away
Functioning websites built at mere fractions of's cost
In the private sector if you can't securely, quickly click to buy all is lost
$400 million and months to try to make it work
From Obama on down all accountability to shirk
A private company would use its best and brightest technical minds
To innovate, create, improve and leave the competition behind uses its best and brightest to craft sound bites to deceive
So if the tech starter falters and bugs multiply there is no one to relieve
How could the troika of Obama, Pelosi and Reid
Have the arrogance to dismiss: "Red input we do not need!"
Now with his plan in shambles; his credibility in total disarray
We Reds must rise above the desire for revenge, rise above the fray
We had, have, and will have even more a coverage hole
Into a doctor's office sooner and not an ER is our common goal
I am a poet not a medical care guru, swami or ,in jest, the Great Carnak
Only a firm believer that the private sector is a far better track
And that we need to treat the causes not symptoms if costs to contain
Maybe income related subsidies to induce people back onto the coverage train
Roll up sleeves, earn your pay and with bipartisan resolve
No more blame, no more deceit, no more rhetoric to the table to a problem solve
Let the political chips fall where they may
No more trust of the American people to with periods betray....!
© November 15, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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