Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Crash Live for Sebelius to Watch

     The furor over the failed website, Obama's deceptions, the insurance policy cancellations and looming cancellations in the employer market continue unabated. If I were a small business owner trying to treat my employees as family which I know from years of representing emerging companies that most try to do, I would be white hot with rage over the premium increases my small group policies will experience thanks to the ACA and even more outraged that I would not be able to afford continuing health care coverage and would have to terminate it for my employees/family members.  Listening to small business owners testify about increases forcing them to cancel policies was heartbreaking.  I doubt Sebelius, Carney, Reid, Pelosi or the President were listening.
     I also do know that excessive and premature celebration by the Reds over the failings of this Administration and his deception are not the right thing to do.  We have a problem in this country and we, Reds, Blues, and Indies need in a rational, nonpolitical manner try to solve it. If that is not persuasive enough, to the Reds, remember that my alma mater is Stanford and its football colors include Red. The excessive celebration on this very day November 20, 1982 on a go ahead field goal with 6 seconds left by the Stanford football team resulted in a 15 yard penalty which when coupled with the Stanford Band pouring out on the field prematurely during the return, resulted in "The Play" and Stanford's loss to Cal.
    The purple references in this poem refer not to royal trim or bearing but rather the color resulting from the blending of Blue and Red, or in political terms even the densest House member or Senator would understand, "reaching across the aisle" Hope you enjoy it!

                                       Caught on Candid Camera

“Silence on the set, lights, cameras, come on people no more cuts let's make this a wrap!”
 Sebelius in photo op moment watching trying to film a “it's a working wrap”
Only so typical of an administration totally on this above their pay grade
Watch the website fire up and then into crash mode quickly freeze and fade
The worker on TV smiles and admits it happens all the time
To fix this disaster known to be, the Administration is running out of time
The 30th we now know was at best a wing and a prayer
 At least not another period for Obama's dishonesty to bare
The polls increasingly show what all would know
You cannot have faith in a President who tries to snow
So on this day of RFK's birth in 1925
A suggestion Obama might want to follow for his legacy to survive
”America I wrongly and with no excuse lied, I deceived,  and contrived
I will work to amend or scrap ACA so with Red help a solution to uninsured we might derive
Please help me I do not want to see our health care system in fatal crash dive”
 And to the Blues this advice  to heed , it is not the time for dancing out on to the field or high fives
 Not a time to focus or energy expend to from office the Blues in the fall sweep
That will not solve the problem of the uninsured and frankly is a shot too cheep
So Reds shed your passion and bias and  put on your purple clothes and purple  mindset
With the Blues together as equals solve this, without exploding beyond repair our national debt
Mr. President at least you have been a role model that lies usually are for naught
In the waning years of your presidency, be thankful  period!,  that on these deceptions you were     caught 
                                    © November 20, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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