Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Free Speech Like Buffalos Now Roam

       The news out of the University of Colorado, the home of the Buffalos in the Pac 12, was most rewarding. The University has taken steps to prevent discrimination based on political views. If the ban on anti-discrimination is actually enforced such that conservative speakers might actually not be banned or if they appear will not be drowned out such there message with not be heard, then the University of Colorado will live up to its motto of "Let the Light Shine." Listening to only one side of a point of view day in and day out makes the pathways to the brain no longer transparent but opaque and the pathways in the brain more clogged to the flow of ideas than the 405 Freeway during rush hour.
        The poem that follows was inspired by the news of the Colorado Regents' actions. Churchill referenced in the poem was a 66 year old tenured professor infamous for his remarks that the victims of 911 were "little Eichmans" and that 911 was a natural result of American policy in the Middle. He was fired for research irregularities such as fabrication and plagiarism. He prevailed in court but was ultimately denied any monetary award or reinstatement.
        Bashir as of today has not been disciplined for his intemperate remarks on his show that listeners of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin should sh** in her mouth.
        Hard to have any reasoned discussion of issues with rhetoric so inflaming and intense.
God help this noble country if we ever on our first amendment promises Welch
Freedom to appear and speak drowned out or by disruption squelched
Colorado in its Pac 12 football skills sadly this year still  really lacks
But this poet applauds the Regents who against 1st Amendment assaults fought back
Where would this country ever be
If we lost our right to speak to disagree?
As much as I believe Ward Churchill's remarks were completely insane
 And by all his views should completely be rejected and disdained
 Men and women have bled and died for his right of speech
 Maybe atonement today for University of Colorado that ended his right to teach
Only in America can a Martin Bashir live on MSNBC
Urge defecation in Palin's mouth with unrestrained glee
At MSNBC you cannot attack lesbian or  gays
So Alex Baldwin for a while is suspended away
But a remark that, apology notwithstanding, is so offensive to women even if they are on the right
Merits no MSNBC rebuke only silence so Martin can still be seen Leaning Forward at night
 One down but another really important one to go
As Christmas fast approaches with its cold and snow
Now is the time to all religious freedoms also protect
Christianity, atheists and all other faiths and sects
When Christmas is over, trees and decorations and lights all down, and the gifts all put away
Time to keep the attacks on the exercise of all religions in check and well at bay.

© November 19, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet   

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