Monday, November 18, 2013

Gettysburg Address 150 Years of Age and Skipped

The Gettysburg Address has always touched a responsive chord in this poet and to this day I can still recite its 272 words, surpassed by Obamacare’s word total of approximately 420,000, legislation that no one read and no one understood the complexities of its provisions save in one area—the representations made by President Obama that one could keep their policy period, that one could keep their doctor period were false. I believe with passage of this law hanging by the slenderest threads, Obama believed, wrongfully so, that this charitable nation would rise up in anger if the truth were known and his signature legacy legislation would not pass period. So he lied to the American people, his minions lied to the American people and worse he and his minions continued to lie to the American people and until most recently probably due to the incredible incompetency of the website rollout, such lies were completely free of any questioning or criticism by mainstream media.    
             November 2014 is a lifetime away and this poet is not smart enough to predict what will happen as a result of Obamacare. If Lincoln were speaking today over the struggle surrounding Obamacare and the perceived lies and deception on the part of the President, he might say in paraphrasing one of his more memorable lines: “The world will little note nor long remember what we say here about Obamacare, but it can never forget what lies Obama said to the American people” Probably a good thing Obama declined the invitation to attend ceremonies honoring the Gettysburg Address.

 Gettysburg Address 150 Years of Age and Skipped

The seeds of conscious deception finally with a botched rollout and memos have begun to sprout
The denials and excuses and sound bites and even periods have failed and are in full panic rout
We mere mortals have been burned and sadly accept that cops may lie on the stand
Lawyers  in client zeal sometimes also, but the not the chief executive officer of this great land

In a democracy with a Constitution a rule that the ends do not justify the means
If our President to us is not honest, then whom can we trust on whom can we lean
President Obama regardless of whether his motives were good or believed in our interests best
With his periods again and again with knowledge he  failed again and again the honest test

Truth and trust are fragile as a snowflake or the petal of a rose
When deception enters the room it melts and all beauty quickly goes
President Obama has and continues to throw truth under the bus
Those unifying, shining promises in 2009 now pitted, corroded with deception rust

We are witnessing the first acts of a deception, a lying sinking ship
Blues starting to bail, no one wants to drown in its sinking grip
No wonder the “Great Communicator” the Gettysburg Address now will skip
His conscience still remaining cannot bear to hear the words from the Emancipator’s lips

“Government of the people, by the people and for the people” is not  just a slogan for a teleprompter screen
It is a value worth fighting and dying for and a value this  President’s deceptions demean
Look closely at the Lincoln Memorial, the words and that war weary, bearded face
You should see tears being to stream as the integrity of the office this President’s lies disgrace

It is best Obama will not on an observance and memorial be on a podium to share
The stench of periods caught again and again would the memory of this Address impair
Everett’s speech and the debate over the rollout, lost policies, or costs of Obamacare the people will remember not
Only how the President deceived and lied again and again, and his credulity, integrity and trust was totally shot  

© November 19, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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