Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A True Trojan Horse

Trojan Horses have been the bane of mankind since Homer's time. From the walls of Troy to the computer viruses of today that cause data plunder and havoc beyond the imagination of the ancient Greeks. As a poet or as I often remark a herald, the goings on in Washington have been fascinating to say the least.  Our President is willing to negotiate with Iran who wants Israel wiped off the map and will not deviate from its quest to do so by acquiring nuclear weapons. He is also willing to negotiate with North Korea that is likewise on the nuclear weapon quest. When push comes to shove and his red lines become lines in the sand, erased by the tides of events, he is willing to step back and hand the process over to Putin. Yet in a matter that is critical to us all, Red or Blue or Independent, he and his dynamic name-calling duo of Pelosi and Reid are unwilling, incapable, and insanely opposed to sitting down and negotiating with his fellow Americans who are Blue and in the House and Senate. A Caesar like Reid has no place and does not belong in the Senate, a place for rational discussion, debate  and compromise on issues of the day.
          I am indebted to Charles Lane, opinion writer for the Washington Post for the inspiration of this poem. His column today was excellent and I recommend it. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/charles-lane-what-the-gop-missed-on-obamacare/2013/09/30/1f11e644-29f0-11e3-8ade-a1f23cda135e_story.html  I hope you enjoy the following poem:

A True Trojan Horse
The pundits have always held the Chinese are the true masters of the game of ping pong
But after watching the charades in D.C., it is clear that they were wrong
Reid and his Senate Blues are the true ping pong pros
Each House Red Obama Care smash returned adding to the Reds' woes
With a winning case and the public on their side, the House Reds met their match
From the jaws of victory only the taste of defeat from Reid have they snatched
“My way or the highway” and D.C. into shutdown mode
But in this circus a seed of hope will be sowed
The ringmasters Obama, Pelosi and Reid will be cracking the whip of blame
Media airwaves bias against the Tea Party Reds will seek to  inflame
Obama Care will be funded but Congress and its staff will be exempt
But the Reds tried and unlike the Blues in 2014 will escape the wrath of voter contempt
There is a Trojan Horse in the Act that to the public unions will lay waste
At the door step of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi the demise will be clearly traced
Their members may drive Toyotas but their health plans are Cadillac
The tax on such plans may mean the union link to Blues may crack
With costs of insurance going through the roof, sinking a company's bottom line
Watch employer paid health insurance plans unravel and unwind
If an employer somehow health coverage manages to maintain
Watch part time ineligibles soar and full timers rapidly wane
Obama's thoughts are so often in a teleprompter photo opt link
So difficult to understand the how and why he thinks
A sane Blue would never have supported a Cadillac tax
Only result is that it would break many a union's back
This poet is not like Reid and believes the Blues are not crazy or insane
Actually admires their astuteness for a Red winning hand to detrain
Since the Act is incomprehensible and almost impossible for a human read its millions of lines
Choked With inconsistencies and ambiguities unchecked that grow faster than a Kudzu vine
A closet Blue  staffer must have inserted the provisions. meanings unread or unseen
A true Trojan Horse now activated on October 1 that will devastate the Blues in 2014

© October 1, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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