Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Politics Is Not Computer Science

Politics at least in a democracy is not computer science with only a binary set of absolute rules, zero one or in layman's terms all or nothing, or in Harry Reid's vernacular "my way or the highway" or "DOA". Senators were supposed to portray the image of statesmanship, elevated from the passion of the members of the House and their need to go to the voters every two years to justify their record. Reid with his iron fist over his fellow Blues who seem to have lost their independent thinking ability and his poor choice of inflammatory remarks like "anarchists" belies that image and is a discredit to the Senate and his position. This poet is dismayed beyond belief the this country is prepared to reach out to Iran, North Korea, and Syria, certainly not countries on the A List of friends or supporters of human rights, yet refuses, absolutely refuses to speak with American Reds. Reid,s and Obama's "All or Nothing" is the underlying cause of this mess and sadly only a preview of the coming debt limitation crisis that will soon be upon us and may dwarf this slim down. Obama and Reid may in the end get their all, not because they are right but because Republicans do not want to shut this government down and put this country's interests ahead of any political agenda. However, getting all will plant the seeds of outrage like we have not seen in some time and pity a Blue in the fall of 2014...Hope Obama learns to quack well as the result of a hopefully large  Red landslide in 2014.

Politics Is Not Computer Science
The Jenny Craig movement in politics has had one positive effect
The slim down has caused heads to essential workers select
The EPA according to Reuters allowed only 6.6% to stay
 Maybe its war on fossil energy will now be held at bay
A negative effect is that Obama is cancelling or curtailing  part of his Asian trip
Bad photo op images of basking in Bali while we're in the slim down grip
He'll have more time to spend in D.C. to on the Reds cast blame
He'll have more chances with ransom remarks the partisanship fires to inflame.
Nevada should be proud of Reid; he is like the casino that must always win
The idea of compromise or even discussion to him is a mortal sin
Like a pit boss he rules with an inflexible and iron hand
Not a vote or discussion even as  Obamacare will begin to  scourge this land
Nevada's icon of ethics pure and one of the earmark kings will not budge
Even the piecemeal funding approach for Veterans or D.C. will not nudge
Reid, your party leader wants discourse and talks with Iran
Clearly a cannot-be-trusted foe with a strong jihadist strand
Yet your fellow Americans in the House or across the aisle
All words with or  any votes you deem not worthwhile
There is more than enough childish blame to spread
To be a Senate Leader time, dear Reid, to negotiate with even your "anarchist" Reds
If you do and act as a Senator not just in name
A bit of advice while your intemperate rantings you tame
Subject you and your colleagues and staff to Obamacare
Then you and they can with us mere mortals its pain to share!
(c) October 2, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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