Thursday, October 10, 2013

North Wind and Sun Aesop Deju Vu

             For a slave without computer, Harvard or Stanford degree, assistants, or a library, Aesop must have been a pretty amazing person. How many stories in literature have withstood the tests of time and to this day in a world that has changed exponentially in the almost 3,000 years following their creation, captured the human spirit, explained it, and remained able to reach out and motivate it and impart morals and ethics that have transcended a very agrarian society to today’s incredibly complex society with its foundations under siege?  Very few, very few indeed.  Most of our modern day authors and thinkers are quickly relegated to the deep discount bin at Barnes and Noble or if they made the cut at our public libraries, soon sold off by the libraries to maintain shelf space.

Not so with Aesop’s Fables. It is a shame that we do not require them as mandatory reading in our schools, in our homes, and most importantly in the halls of Congress and the White House. Personal attacks in photo op and sound bite rhetoric simply are not conducive to this nation trying to solve its problems.  Enough is enough. Stop acting like the North Wind and more like the Sun as we mere mortal travelers trudge about our lives:

                                  Here Comes the Sun
We always thought politicians were full of empty blast and hot air
Unleashing their ego on us mere mortals that we could hardly bear
Alas we were wrong, and the ego winds that can be summoned at the drop of the hat
Can in an instant turn wet and cold and knock even the strongest egos flat
North Winds without compunction to drive with words elephants on their knees
Especially those new pachyderms that have a fondness for Teas
The North Wind may be brutal but  its memories of history fall short
May knock down the man but the spirit to follow one’s values will not abort
Look only to the dark days of the London Blitz or the Dresden fires
Walls may be broken but our spirits will not fold or retire
Label a man a jihadist or hostage taker or holder of a gun
More often than not any attempt to reach an agreement he will shun
You may blow demeaning rhetoric in increasing. demeaning  force
May slow him down, bend him over but not cause him to change course
Like the traveler who. in the increasing winds,  grips tighter his cloak
To think the rhetoric winds shed his cloak and bring him to the table is a joke
There has been too much blame passed around
Time for reason and compromise to prevail for the cloak to fall to the ground
Let the warmth of the civil and rational Sun through the rhetoric clouds
Toning down the shrill personal attacks out of line,  too raucous loud
536 leaders need to once again act like responsible adults
Shed this nonproductive chaotic finger pointing cult
Time for inflaming, demeaning   rhetoric for all to resist
Time for a 536 leaders to put Aesop’s Fables on top of their reading list!
© October 10, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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