Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blame Game Defames, Inflames, Pains-- Shame, Shame, Shame!

            Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are acting like tantrum--infected, spoiled children pointing fingers of blame in this chaos while  trying to inflict as much pain on us mere mortals by shutting down such symbols as the World War II Memorial and the Statute of Liberty, and even blocking state roads to Mt. Rushmore. When will they ever learn that the best way to have a person stop listening is not to give them earplugs but rather insult them personally with inflammatory remarks like anarchists, hostage takers, holders of guns to the head, jihadists, etc.? Pelosi's latest sound bite was only a two on a scale of one to ten with ten being most inflammatory that the Republican Party "the No Party" was causing this shutdown. I wish I could report that the Reds are blameless in the Rhetoric game but sadly they too are not, although perhaps theirs is less inflammatory.
             We have Alcoholics Anonymous (June 10, 1035), Narcotics Anonymous (October 5, 1953), Gamblers Anonymous (January, 1957)   Overeaters Anonymous (January, 1960),   Cocaine Anonymous ( November 18, 1982), to name but a few successful 12 step programs. Where is Blamers Anonymous when we really need it in Washington D.C.? Time for Reds and Blues and that definitely includes Obama to stop this blame game rhetoric and sit down at the table and resolve their differences!

Blame Game Defames, Inflames, Pains--Shame, Shame, Shame!

If only Congress and the White House were in a canyon we might get on track
With each new shrill "It's your fault" the words would repeat and echo right  back
If the Sound Bites and Photo Ops were also so shaped in D.C. La La Land
This blaming game and mess might not have gotten so very out of hand
But since echoes in D.C. do not get produced
Here is a thought on how this insane rhetoric might be reduced
If you point a finger at your foe,  be you Red or Blue
Outnumbered in an instant as three are pointing back at you
Worse in this insane finger pointing you make a fist
Provokes only the normal response to immediately resist
Look closely and see the suggestion to you of your own curled  thumb
If you can't imagine Hell you're either oblivious or completely dumb
If instead of pointing you open your fingers three
Now, a hand for shake with an uncurled thumb up
Surprise rhetoric ends and compromise blooms and erupts
Red and Blue children pretty basic stuff
How many millions of us have to scream "ENOUGH!"

(c) October 5, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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