Thursday, October 24, 2013

Obama's Legacy for 5,000,000 Lines of Code

Finally the voices of disappointment and outrage are being voiced by Senate and House Blues, some of whom are up for reelection in 2014, over the chaos surrounding the rollout of the Obamacare website. The amount of money spent on the website, $500 million, is, in governmentspeak, a mere drop in the near $4 trillion budget of the United States, but to mere mortals who in many cases struggle to make ends meet and worry about losing or finding a job, putting their kids through college, keeping their house, or being able to retire with some sense of dignity, it is a lot of money.

It is always difficult to decipher grandstanding among elected officials whose office is their career or at least a training ground for a lucrative lobbyist position but finally it appeared that Blue representatives were no long to go down as automatons to the whims of Pelosi or Reed and come to the realization that they work for all voters not just those who voted for Obama. Karen Sebelius needs to come to that same realization as does our President.

                            My Legacy for 5,000,000 Lines of Code

The Obamacare website is becoming the Perfect Storm
Any support for Obamacare should be shred and torn
500 million spent for a system that does not and cannot work
Sebelius from accountability completely shirks
We have been victims of the classic carny “bait and switch”
Sebelius proclaims no one to be fired for this “glitch”
Smoke and mirrors and classic Obama deceptive damage control
A Cadillac website missing engine, transmission and tires preventing a chance to enroll
How many millions needed to fix this is anyone’s guess
Will we ever know if normal beta testing would have avoided this mess?
The U.S. is blessed with enough programming talent to fix the website
But fixing it will enable Obama to ignore the nation’s fiscal plight
Fixing the website is like our health care system that treats the symptoms
While ignoring the underlying driving disease forces, the disease cause
Most of our 535 have never read nor understood the regs, understood the law
Those flaws are like the financial vultures coming home to roost
While our health care may suffer and our debt suffers a quantum boost
The only silver lining in this disaster Obamacare cloud
The financial costs in 2014 will put many a Blue in an election casket, wrapped in a shroud
© October 24, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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