Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Obama Periods Are Not Periods Period!

The circus over Obamacare continues and the news of possible deception are getting harder and harder to take. My mother told me a long time ago "Mike never make a promise you can not keep, A promise is a bond and broken memories run deep Broken promises are the pores through which integrity forever lost seeps Never sell your honor with broken promises cheap Sow with broken promises and loss of self respect and friends you will reap. Obama must have known that individual policies continuity  would be at risk. Yet and without the teleprompter excuse he flat out misled the American people on being able to keep their doctors and their policies. Now like Ptolemy with elliptical orbits on elliptical orbits trying to advance the theory that the universe including the Sun revolves around the Earth, the spin factory of this Administration and its supporters is that even though we have lost the ability to determine the scope of our policies and the prices we feel we can afford, we should be happy we have more coverage even though we have to pay significantly more

The iconic statement from the Vietnam War as we watched a village lit
A lieutenant with lighter in hand “We had to destroy the village to save it”
Fast Forward to Pelosi commenting on the late night passing of Obamacare
“We had to pass it so we could understand it”—a failure of Congress beyond compare
Now it’s in order to force people to insure their individual policies they will lose
They be forced to sign up on the Exchange, the right to keep and choose they will lose
When the employer mandates kick in after a one year delay
They will lose their jobs as the insurance will be too high for the employers to pay
Pentagon Papers detailed how this nation by the Pentagon during Vietnam was misled
Fast forward to Obama intoning “you can keep your policy you won’t have to shed”
Period is not a “maybe”, a “perhaps”, a “in many cases”, or a “subject to the fine print or legalese”
In his urge to pass his Act he did more that promise what he could not keep, the nation he deceived
If any of the 15 million holders would have known any change in a policy however minute
Would cause a loss, the outcry and rage would have given the Act a quick and rightful boot
Like the onion that is slowly being pealed
More troubling facts are slowly being revealed
Loss of policy, loss of doctors, loss of promised cuts in what we would have to spend
Just the tip of the iceberg— when will the train wreck revelations ever end
The Administration refuses to reveal how many to the exchange have enrolled
Or how realistic it can possibly be to reach the needed signup goal
One hates to waste $400 million for a website that fails to function
But a silver lining that not a train wreck but a new helpful junction
The path of rising anger over being misled meeting the path of need to review, delay and revise
Just might be a bargain for us all if the flaws of Obamacare are not fixed and it heads to an early demise
Bargain number two is that as the problems, costs and deception continue to mount
Finally a first in this Administration an administrator like Sebelius for incompetence is held to account
Bargain number three is that Blues are not all toeing the Obamacare line
Recognition that the Act needs more change than just a website redesign   

© Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet October 29, 2013

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