Saturday, October 26, 2013

Helen of Troy Deja View

       We may never know or receive a full accounting over the unbelievable chaos surrounding the rollout of Obamacare, nor today will we know whether the Act that almost no one in Congress read and if there staff had the time to read it, almost no one really understood it. One thing we do know is that we spent millions of dollars for a website that did not work and that Ms. Sebelius as of today is not being held accountable for the mistakes made
       Commentators on both sides of the spectrum do not have a good record of predicting what the future entails for Obamacare, probably because despite their intelligence too many of them are incapable of stepping back from their bias and prejudice and unwilling to consider rational discussion. Maybe that is not their fault as the rhetoric in Washington over the "shutdown" or "slimdown" or the debt ceiling has drowned out any chance of rational discourse. Candidly we deserve better.
          We also as of today do not know the name of the young woman who appears on the website
for the Affordable Health Care Act at only that she is an attractive young lady who seems to be very pleased. Hope you enjoy my muse observations.

 Helen of Troy Deja View or A New Mona Lisa?    

It may not be the face that launched a thousand ships
To recover Helen whom Paris had taken from her husband’s grip
But instead of angry Greeks with revenge in their eyes and hearts
It has teased thousands shut out on the Website before Obamacare can even start
The face and smile are stunning and have a calming everything is easy air
Though that stunning face hides the roll out failure of Obamacare
This women is a mystery and she may have a distinction quite rare
A select few who somehow, some way signed up for Obamacare
Who is this woman, who is this woman that launched a thousand quips?
She could have made millions to share her sign-up tips
She may not be a Mona Lisa destined for National Gallery of Art
But at least a monument to deception and failure in Obamacare from the start
© October 26, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka

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