Thursday, December 26, 2013

ACA: Aloha Is a Two Meaning Word

    No one should begrudge the First Family a vacation on Oahu's North Shore. After all the heat he has taken over periods and keeping your insurance and doctors he needs a battery charge rest. But if he thinks he can say Aloha to the ACA growing outrage and his ratings drop, and wash his hands goodbye, the meaning of Aloha as hello trumps good bye even on those magical isles. The more the exchange begins to function the more his problems and his fellow Blues will get worse---increasing loss of coverage and sticker and deductible shocks curse. Maybe in his teleprompter or photo op bag of tricks their lies a rabbit to pull. But given the loss of trust that is going to be a very, very long and difficult pull:
Aloha to ACA Problems
We all know fraud and abuse and cost plus blank checks are in DC the norm
Just when Obama thought there may be a light, here comes another storm
Hawaii spends millions to enroll 257 on its state exchange ACA website
Hired the same people who spent 50 million trying to get a tax portal remotely right
Oregon's exchange has never worked despite millions from the Feds
Another exchange director on medical leave soon to be shed
Maryland one of the bluest of the blue
Also in the festering rollout stew
Not to be left behind and wanting to declare in the face of chaos, Pelosi claims in California the ACA has won
Slight problem in that half of the uninsured are Latinos and all but a meager few have enrollment chosen to shun
The money wasted on the navigators, rollout, websites, and ads to the millennium ACA rejects
Makes the Pentagon seem like the paragons of frugality who are holding each penny of waste in check
The loss of privacy to soon occur from ACA hackers will knock off your socks
It will make Target data seem as safe from theft as the gold in Fort Knox
In the spirit of Christmas, one should be charitable and not be viewed as unforgiving or cruel
But anyone who thinks this Administration should be entrusted with our health and one sixth of GNP is a blithering, complete fool
Pity the poor person who must  appear on January 1 at the doctor's or hospital's door
Now with cancelled insurance and frustration, anger and resentment in full on uncheck soar 
Incompetence, lack of accountability and flat out lies are acts for which we cannot impeach
But a litmus test of any one who voted for the ACA we reject, is a lesson we voters can teach
© December 26, 2013 aka the Alaskanpoet

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