Monday, December 9, 2013

Heisman Trophy But No Triple Threat

The six finalists in the Heisman Trophy have been announced. After the AG of Florida has indicated there will be no prosecution of Winston for rape, it should be clear to anyone near a TV this season that Winston of FSU will win the trophy for excellence and integrity in the sport. A suggestion on someone definitely not a favorite but that rare breed of football players becoming more and more specialized, a true Triple Threat--in this case a Junior from Stanford, Ty Montgomery: If poets could vote this is mine:

Triple Threat Heisman
Excellence with integrity is the hurdle one must cross
Be it in running or in a spiral to toss
Lost in the mix are tackles, kicks or blocks
Winner and finalists will see a great  rise in NFL stock
Six finalists in what must already be a done deal
No surprise when the votes on 12/14 are unsealed
Winston will be the winner of the Heisman no doubt
Even if on the 6th the Tigers he does not rout
Not even on the list
But with a slight historical twist
An Old Montgomery passed a different hurdle and stopped the Fox
In the desert in the Valley of the Sun, a new Montgomery ran circles around the box
Rare in today's world is the true triple threat-run, catch and return
While being a student with very tough academics to learn
Winston may be the winner of the Heisman and has earned that goal
But when he steps onto the grass of the ancient and historic Rose Bowl
He should listen to the whispers of the blades of grass
"Dear Heisman on this very field less than a week past
A team of excellence and integrity in classroom and on the field
Fought the Spartans with every fiber of talent and heart that would not yield
A triple threat played here, be thankful he never passed
Ere you trophy might have been surpassed
Stiff arm all and any barriers to classroom learning
College is more than what in the NFL you will be earning"

© December  9, 2013 Michael  P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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