Sunday, December 1, 2013

Quemoy And Matsu Deja Vu

        During the 1960 Presidential campaign, China was laying claim to and shelling Quemoy and Matsu, small islands approximately 6 miles off the coast of China. Both Nixon and Kennedy campaigned on the premise that the U.S. would defend Taiwan against invasion by China, but Kennedy broke with Nixon and indicated that the islands were not strategically defensible and served no purpose in the defense of Taiwan.
         Kennedy, in a close election prevailed; China did not invade the islands, and they remain under the control of Taiwan and in the present time are vacation spots for tourists from both China and Taiwan. China must have reasoned that no value could be obtained in invading the islands perhaps as the Cuban Missile Crisis proved Kennedy was a resolute and strong leader when U. S. interests were at stake. Unfortunately, many parts of the world do not view the current administration in the same light and there may be concern that China in declaring an air defense flight identification  zone over islands claimed by China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan in the East China Sea is seeking to exploit that perceived weakness. Cooler heads have prevailed and no warning shots or attempts to force down aircraft have occurred.
          Biden will be going to China to express our concerns. Tensions over ownership over islands in the South China Sea in the late 90's have been resolved; in large part because of a strong U.S, Naval presence. What Biden will be able to accomplish is anyone's guess but one thing is certain---a U.S. perceived by China to be weak and waffling is not an acceptable means to avoid or resolve any crisis that may ensue. History repeats itself best in the cadence of rhyme: hope the following is enjoyed:

                      Quemoy and Matsu and Biden Too

Once again in another part of the world for weakness  we must atone
Empty teleprompter and photo ops  rhetoric, no military muscle on the bone
When a President lied "period" to has own people and continues to deceive
Hard for any ally or foe to his stern and teleprompter delivered  proclamations believe
Especially a potential foe and this should be no shock
To whom due to Obama's soaring debt we are deeply in hock
The world is a very deadly, dangerous, shifting place
A teleprompter and jog down a chopper merits no slack or grace
Lines in the sand from Obama are like a sandcastle contest on the 4th of July
Oohs and ahs at low tide but completely washed away on the rising tide's high
Biden may not be the icon of foe or ally respect
Kerry after Iran not sure also we should select
But either would be a better choice
Than a President driven only by his politics voice
Make no mistake this is very serious stuff
Worsened by a President who is politics driven, weak and not tough
China may be the Moose who self invites himself through an unguarded island door
With each muffin, then jam, then more isles, he will never be sated, only want more
We are, to many voters' growing regret, stuck with Obama until 2016
Maybe some backbone we can give him with a Red sweep in 2014
Until then watch the bouncing, shifting focus and attention span
As Democare becomes more a failed  Castle of Deceit crumbling on shifting sands   

© November 30, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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