Monday, December 16, 2013

Selfie Not A Scandal Only A Scandal Distraction

Arianna Huffington on her Huff Post, recently blogged about the artificial scandals over the Obama "selfie" with the very attractive female P.M. of Denmark while next to him Michelle looks completely unhappy and the shaking of Castro's hand at Mandela's memorial service. Such artificial scandals raised while the expiration of extended unemployment benefits and deaths by handguns are real scandals. Certainly agree that any death by gun is a scandal and we should, consistent with the Second Amendment which we celebrate on Bill of Rights Day, December 15, 2013, do everything possible to reduce such deaths.
        We have in the failure of the ACA, its rollout, its deception by the President  to get it passed, and the consequences of millions of policy holders being cancelled, choice of doctors and hospitals curtailed, privacy out the window and premiums skyrocketing. Such consequences are being felt in an atmosphere where the government has determined  the coverage it thinks is best for you. This from a body that cannot build a functioning website for less than a billion dollars and seems incapable of holding anyone in the administration accountable.
        We have enough scandals with the ACA--like it is the daily front page for the National Enquirer, each day worse than the last. What we need is some sense of compromise and willingness for Reds and Blue to come together to address major problems that will cripple this country, not the least of which is our growing national debt. The Ryan/Murray Budget passed in the House and to be voted on in the Senate on Tuesday is a tiny flicker of hope that some compromise is possible in Washington.   The budget is an absolute failure, however, to decrease spending and that slight flicker of compromise can be blown out by the winds of rhetoric and rancor in an instant. God help us if we cannot address a national debt of $17,000,000,000,000 today; imagine how impossible it will be when Obama leaves office and the 17 stands at 20-25.
Focus on Selfies and Handshakes to Miss Real Scandal
The Head Huff needs a different word; please open up and read "scandal" in a dictionary page
"An action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage"
Obama doing a "selfie" flirt with a Danish P.M. is not morally or legally wrong
It does demonstrate when it comes to respect for the office he clearly does not belong
To on the ACA blatantly lie to the American People period, again and again is a moral sin
Completely in poor taste while Michelle scowls is during Mandela's service his "selfie" idiotic looking grin
As to the handshake of Castro, here is a thought for what it's worth
Scandal would have been if he refused as we near the celebration of Christ's birth
On Bill of Rights Day which includes the 2nd's right to bear arms
Sandy Hook was a tragedy beyond belief--how sick to inflict such harm
Any life taken by another by any means including a gun
Is a true scandal that any sense of decency would condemn and shun
Not to minimize the carnage but from the Brady Foundation these facts:
30 a day murdered, 53 by their own hand, 2 by accident, and 1 by police attack
On extension of benefits there is reasoned debate
Longer benefits mean a return to work much longer to await
The American people do not need any more "scandals" to fill our plate
Obama's and his minion's lies on the ACA period have made us sick and completely sate.
Save the scandal of runaway spending and increasing national debt,
Such that a dreams of prosperity our children and grandchildren will only forget
© December 16, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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