Tuesday, December 17, 2013

India Two Step Inept

       I have many talents, but doing the Texas Two-Step is not one of them. Although pleasant to watch and the music moves my mortal soul, my knees go on strike. Now I also can claim that I have another case of no talent but in this case I am pleased that is the case. I call this dance the India Two Step and it shows, in my opinion, another example of a lack of leadership at the top. First step is the Obama administration denies a Visa to a Modi who is favored to become the next Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy---not smart. Next a female Indian envoy is arrested for paying less than a fair wage to her Indian housekeeper and submitting false documents on payments in order to get her an A-3 Visa in order to work for her. Like most nonviolent crimes do we allow her to turn herself in with her lawyer from the Indian consulate and allow her to be released on her on recognizance or post a small bail? No she is arrested allegedly while picking up her children at school, cuffed, strip searched (understand if she was alleged to be smuggling drugs or explosives or trying to board a flight) then jailed in a general population that probably consisted of prostitutes, addicts, dealers, and duis, certainly not the typical invite list to a consulate reception
         India already smarting from the slight to one of its political leaders took umbrage and reacted by tit-for-tats to our diplomatic community in India and what is more troubling given the massacre of guests by Islamic terrorists in Mumbai several years ago, removed the security barriers protecting our embassy. God help us if while those barriers are down, our embassy is attacked either by jihadists or simply outraged citizens. My poetic last word follows: 
India Two Step Inept
How do you pivot to the Pacific when you can only use your nose
Once again the ineptness of this Administration seems to show
By some bush league actions we have just fallen on our face
In an area where China is eager for us to replace
First we deny a visa to Modi who may be India's next Prime Minister
Accusing him of complacency in Hindu outrage against Muslims as far too sinister
Now we have the foresight to arrest and strip search an Indian  female envoy and place her in jail
Surrounded by "new friends" until the Indian consulate arrives and posts her $250,000 bail
Her crimes, not paying her Indian housekeeper a fair wage
Needless to say, India is a bit miffed and in a bit of a rage
Tit-for-tats as India will become much less for our diplomats to be
Id airport cards and embassy traffic barriers are now history
Maybe it's the mess around the roll out of the ACA
Maybe Obama is preoccupied to get to Hawaii to play
Maybe the "selfie" fallout is bringing to him more grief
Maybe the Wastebook release puts spending waste in glaring motif
But  to treat an envoy of a needed ally to whom you wish to pivot
As a armed felon to flee makes as much sense as joining nonwelded plates without rivets
Hope Kerry or Biden are up to the relations repairing task
A little think before you arrest and strip is not too much to ask

© December 17, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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