Friday, December 27, 2013

UPS and Obamacara

I just finished reading a blog posted in the Huff Post in essence arguing that was running while Amazon and UPS screwed up big time in terms of Christmas deliveries. For those who did not receive on time from UPS the gifts purchased from Amazon, you know that you will soon receive that gift period (for real not an Obama period), that shipping charges will probably be waived, and in many cases, a credit on subsequent purchases will be received. Compare that to the well known deception of being able to keep a policy, keep your doctor, and save $2,500 per year. Not sure how many persons were disappointed in not seeing the UPS sled in time, but I have to believe, it was a fraction of the 6,000,000 or so policies that as result of Fed regulations that were cancelled and also the number was directly related to the arctic winter that descended on this nation raising havoc with its transportation ion system, of which UPS is a part.  Posted the following comment in response.
Straws of ACA Defense in the Winter Winds
This should come as no great shock
Comparing UPS to is a crock
Less this pundit forgets, schedules in the winter are subject to nature's law
When snow comes raging in blizzard force and the ice will not thaw
Planes get grounded, trucks and flights suffer major delays
Far different than when  CGI and Fed incompetence gets in the way
Amazon and UPS apologized and refunds and credits sent
Up front with the public not like the Feds' spin and the truth bent
In the private sector failure usually means that consequences follow
As opposed to a belated  Obama "apology" so sham and hollow
Sebelius is still in charge and CGI has not been hauled into court
Massive cost overruns, no accountability, and a website that comes up short
Imagine if Amazon promised if you don't like your book send it back
Then when the books returned, Amazon immediately without shame retracts
DA's across the country would on Amazon be turned loose
Executives would be subject to a world of criminal and civil abuse
If supporters of the ACA really want to be set aback and stunned
Wait until enrollment possible and with loss of MDs and costs, watch voters all Blues shun
© December 27, 2013  Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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