Thursday, December 26, 2013

Phil Robertson and Duck Hypocisy in the Air

      This poet does not watch the Duck Dynasty or A&E for that matter, but the controversy swirling around Phil Robertson's remarks on homosexuality and his subsequent dismal from the show Duck Dynasty has spawned a storm of protest on both sides. From Cracker Barrel removing items from the show to not offend the gay community only to put them back following a firestorm of anger to the Reverend Jessie Jackson comparing Robertson to the driver who ordered Rosa Parks to the back of the Montgomery bus, only worse. The only thing lacking in this media circus is Al Sharpton coming on scene in a shrill voice comparing Robertson to George Zimmerman.
        Lost in this chaos is a simple fact; this is not a First Amendment issue as A&E has a right to fire him unless his contract provides otherwise. Some would argue their move, given the fare shown on that network, was not the right thing to do. Lost in the chaos is the fact that those viewers upset over the loss of the patriarch of the show can express their outrage to the sponsors of the show as can the gay community who felt slighted and demeaned.  There are no winners in this dispute, only hypocrisy of A&E. The real loser in the dispute is also very clear---tolerance for other points of view and to try to force that other point of view off the air.
         Hypocrisy because all of the episodes have been completed, A&E is continuing to show them and with all the furor, ratings will increase and A&E will be able to increase its ad revenue. We are not crabs in a constant state of molt with no means of protecting ourselves. Rather we are human beings that need to be exposed to other views to either accept, reject or modify if we are ever to grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Firing someone whose views might inflame a segment of the population does not foster that growth and the hypocrisy practiced by A&E deprives it of any moral authority. My thoughts as expressed in rhyme follow:

Duck Hypocrisy in the Air
The trick to good marketing to enhance your chances to sell
Is to create the buzz, create the discussions on which all want to dwell
The episodes of Duck Dynasty have already been put in the can
A&E fires the patriarch but does not take it off the air or showings ban
As a company they of course have the discharge right
No matter how many viewers of certain beliefs they may slight
If the patriarch's words were so outrageous that A&E had to dismiss
Willfully jumping into the slime of the politically correct abyss
Then why in their hypocrisy run rampant, totally out of control
With all the publicity, continue to let viewing times roll
Shame on A&E; viewings of all A&E’s other programs we should stop
Watch the hypocrites cringe and squirm as their sponsors drop
God help us all if to enjoy the careers we seek
With PC mavens we must first screen each word we speak
Time for the PC world to stop being in 24/7 shell shedding molt
With even the slightest perceived insensitivity go into self-righteous revolt
Tolerance is always easy to teach
If only those who agree are in its reach
Though we may be forced to buy insurance we still have a choice
You don't have to picket only turn the channel if you dislike the words in Robertson's voice.
But to fire someone who in his faith homosexuality is a sin
And then continues to show episodes gives hypocrisy a major win
Why is it A&E panders to a segment in continual shell shedding molt
Yet continues to air shows that for many non gays disgust and revolt?
Almost worse is the shear hypocrisy to Robertson fire
Yet continue to air Duck Dynasty and not the series retire
Maybe the past discriminations into closets forced
Heighten their need to attack without quarter or remorse
Any perceived slight to gays however small as tolerance for nonPC ripped and torn
And any chance for any discussion from the screens quickly shorn

©  December 26, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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