Monday, December 2, 2013

Martin Bashir--The New Marvin K. Mooney

Taking a break from writing and reviewing a consulting project and thought I would turn on to the "New MSNBC" After watching the Cycle discuss the tech wars between Apple and Google and wondering why a panel that supports a regulatory environment that is more effective in killing entrepreneurship that a failure to make payroll or tapping out on the line of credit to fund a start up, I returned to watch the "Martin Bashir Show." Was pleasantly surprised to see he was not on, supposedly "on vacation," but his smug, smiling, biased face was shown during breaks. The silence of MSNBC on Bashir's over-the-top, beyond-the-pale-of-decency remarks on Sarah Palin remains a complete mystery to me. Bashir's views on politics as much as I disagree with them have a place on the air and should not be curtailed anymore that Beck's or Limbaugh's. His personal attack on Sarah Palin do not have a place. His urging of listeners to defecate not in jest but in all seriousness into the mouth of Sarah Palin if she speaks forfeits his right to continue to appear. Martin Bashir would you please go now and save some dignity by heeding the last paragraph of that  great Dr. Suess poem and emulating it: "I said GO and GO I meant....
The time had come.
Marvin WENT.
         Having so said, time to put into the muse:
Martin Bashir--The New Marvin K. Mooney
The GOP War on Women is a war completely in myth
To here the Blue trumpets blare makes one want to down a fifth
Islam's treatment of women as veiled objects without independent rights
That's a real war that Red and Blues together and united would wish to fight
Abortion versus a right to life is a battle no one without wounds and scars ever wins
It must be a decision especially as the days go by like being kicked again and again in the shins
We should expand all efforts to increase numbers of those who wish to adopt
And the partial birth abortions when the fetus is moving and  clearly viable in most cases stop
With deference to a want-to-be father, in all cases a woman's rights should prevail
We should with compassion support her in what ever pain that decision might entail
The War on Women, however,  by the left sadly is for real without quarter waged
Beyond all bounds of decency and civility and common sense it has raged
Any conservative woman is a traitor who in Bashir's eyes must wear a blue CB in shame
But his last remark on toilets and Palin has this tolerant poet really angered and  inflamed
Palin's comments may at time seem from the hip and miss the mark
It's easy to dismiss sometime her simile like conservative remarks
But for Martin Bashir with his pompous feigned erudite accent  to urge and suggest
On air and not in jest, to close her mouth, use it as a toilet is a comment we all should protest
A delayed apology too weak and too contrite
NBC should be sending him bags packed into the night
Rachel, Ed, Alex, Al, J.J. and Chris
When do you realize your Martin is in the gutter abyss?
No one, no woman, no matter how left or right, should ever be subject to a Bashir-like abuse
His "vacation" from MSNBC needs to be permanent; his bias and attacks far to in him infused
The sounds of silence from NOW and MSNBC are failed streaks on a bathroom wall
Why do they continue the release of rightful condemnation with silenced continue to stall?
Martin K. Mooney it is time to go;  your leaving we will cheer and not rue
At least if you life to keep your bias you can, with apologies to Dr. Suess,  go in an old Blue shoe
We wish him well on his lasting vacation a time to rest and a time to reflect
Woe to any, right or left into the on-air mainstream, who such hatred seeks to inject.
© December 2, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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