Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Veterans Stiffed Sessions Amendment Fails

Remember the hue and cry over the shutdown and the disaster that would befall this nation and for good measure if the sky was going to fall, the whole world, if the United States did not honor its debt obligations. Fast forward to today and the Ryan/Murray budget deal which although provides for a budget does next to nothing to decrease spending. One group of losers will be veterans who have earned a pension by virtue of their service to the country and will see cuts in those pensions over the next 10 years. Amendments by various Republican Senators to remove those cuts failed and the Senate will adopt the budget by Wednesday December 18, 2013. What is ironic is that the Watchbook was just released which shows blatant waste of over $30 billion, an amount almost four times the amount of the cuts to the Veterans' pensions.
         I have not read the Watchbook as of this moment but some of the excesses really build up the blood pressure, e.g. the Ft. Hood slayer is still drawing his salary.  We are running out of fiscal time, the sands are about gone from the hour glass and yet Reds and almost ever Blue continue to increase spending to the ultimate detriment of our children and grandchildren. Winning the almost one billion in the Mega Lottery tonight will be useless if the underlying value of the dollar and our economy collapses under a crushing mountain of debt. I billion would not pay more than 10 days interest on our national debt.
Veterans Betrayed

If Kennedy were still alive he would be rewriting his speech
As honor and integrity from our political fabric has just been leached
"Ask not what your country can do for you
Ask rather when to you it will screw"
Where are the legions of Joseph Welch to raise this cry
"These vets fought and bled and many died
Have you no sense of decency, have you no shame
To break your pledge to a bogus deficit reduction gain?"
Obama spends a billion for a website that does not work
His cronies get millions for projects where only bankruptcy lurks
How many billions does the government lose through fraud and abuse?
While the spending dragon, uncurtailed runs loose?
The men and women in our military have been thrown under the bus
We will need searchlights by the score to find one of the 536 to ever again trust
When the certain next conflict in the future erupts
Where will be the warriors who now will not re-up?
No decency! No shame!
Honorless is all your middle names

© December 17, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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