Monday, January 13, 2014

Beware A Moose Is On The Loose-- Not Teddy Roosevelt As A Bull Moose

It would appear that the Supreme Court may be taking up another potential hot potato, although this case does not an attack on the separation of powers as the case being argued before it on January 13, 2014, this case will involve the extent to which in essence there is a "Constitution free zone" within 100 miles of the U.S.  Under the Feds belief in order to stop contraband and terrorists, probable cause to search and seize is not needed, because of the limited times peoples' lap tops and iPads have been searched after crossing the border but still within 100 miles of it. Two circuits have different opinions and the issue may well go to the Supreme Court.
     Not sure how, in light of the NSA overreaching, the Court will rule, but if in favor of the Feds, any tourist destination more than 100 miles from the Canadian or Mexican border, in addition to promoting the destination's attractions, should proclaim "Constitution Applies Zone--Your Electronic Devices Are Safe From Intrusion." Enjoy the poem and hide your muffins----there is a wild moose on the loose and it's not Teddy Roosevelt as a Bull Moose.
Moose On The Loose
If we could in our government have a sense of continuing trust
This case might not raise the need for an all out ACLI fuss
But Snowden has proved that the NSA reach expands faster than gas in a confined place
When it comes to maintaining integrity the FBI in its Tea Party muzzle loses the impartiality race
"It's only a hundred miles, only 15 or so a day
We need to keep all terrorists on the border at bay."
In a phrase,  that justification is "a complete crock"
Pray the Supremes this nonsense completely block
To be near a border means that the 4th is totally ignored
Your lap top and iPads have the Feds implanted in their motherboards
How much freedom to we give up to the Feds in the to-protect-us guise
Who will mourn the loss of the 4th when it is ignored and dies?
The Federal Government is like the hungry Moose seeking a muffin to eat
Outweighs you, so you figure it’s only a muffin and you give him the treat
But the muffin only makes him want more
So now some jam to get him out the door
But the Moose loves muffins and for more muffins his antlers threaten and his stomach growls
To get him out of the house, you give him some money for muffin mix and throw in the towel
And since a Moose has no oven within which muffins to bake
Your house, your castle barred to even a king, he now takes
If this were only a children's book thought, it would bring a lot of laughter and cheers
But this 100 miles “Constitution-free zone” which will creep in size should raise alarms and fears.
In the end to "protect", the Feds throw the Constitution into the trash bin
Guess what? We have lost and the terrorists, without further shots, chalk up a win.
© January 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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